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  1. Fort Knox Slot Machines
    Players using the Fort Knox slots will be highly rewarded because this penny slots also offer a progressive jackpot thus a small bet can win huge jackpot. Fort Knox slots have two versions that even high-roller slot players will find enticing to play.
  2. Knowing the Real Deal with the Game of Slots
    Playing slots is enjoyable as well as profitable. To learn more of this game , one has to study also some informations with regards to its paybacks and house edge.
  3. Playtech's Online Slot Funky Monkey is the Best Slot
    Playtech is the leading casino provider to the rest of the world with very competitive online slots. The Funky Monkey, is among the top online slots that players choose and it has excellent graphics and an event better payout. Find out what makes the Plyatech online slot Funky Monkey one of the best.
  4. Slot Machines: Payout and Hold Percentages
    The payout and hold percentages of slot machines are two opposite things but helps in determining your winning odds of the game. The two important factors to determine the payout and hold percentages are the total number of reels and total number of symbols per reel.
  5. The Joys of Playing in Slot Tournaments
    More and more casinos are now hosting slot tournaments, testament to the growing demand from players. Unadulterated excitement, cash prizes, jackpots and more await all slot tournament players.
  6. The Real Deal with Reel Slots
    Casinos cannot live without slot machines. One thing is that people love to play it because of its simple, no brainer game, not to mention the big bucks that come with it and also, due to the fact that it is just a machine, it is not very costly to setup because you do not need any personnel to facilitate it unlike card games. It is in different varieties, from 20,000-dollar jackpot three reel slots, to 250,000-dollar multi line slots, you name it!
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