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Playtech's Online Slot Funky Monkey is the Best Slot

If one is looking for an online slot that has realistic games, great graphics and excellent sounds, then the place to look for that perfect game is in a Playtech casino. Playtech slots are known for providing online slots with realistic games no matter what the theme may be. It's easy to get so caught up in a Playtech game when playing online slot that we wouldn't notice that we've been enjoying the game for hours and hours.

Another great thing about Playtech and their online slots is that they offer a progressive jackpot. This simply means that the more players enjoy the game, the bigger the jackpot money becomes until one lucky online slots player wins it. Once the progressive jackpot is won, the default amount is also relatively high so online slots players are in a definite win-win situation. Plus, the chances of winning are still high with Playtech online slots even if somebody has already won. Aside from having fun and creative games, Playtech online slots are fair slots. Playtech also offers free games and other bonuses upon signing up. Playtech online slots have versions wherein no money is needed for play.

A disadvantage of Playtech online slots is that it is not available to United States residents. But then again, almost all the other casinos cater to US clients and many are exclusive so it doesn't hurt to let players from all over the world to enjoy online slots.

A Playtech online slot game is Funky Monkey. Funky Monkey has 3 reels and is considered one of their standard games that needs anywhere between 1 to 3 coins. The biggest payout is two thousand five hundred coins and the great thing about Funky Monkey is that if the online slots player gets any combination thrice at the same time, they get 10 coins. The format of Funky Monkey is easy to understand making playing very simple. The payout schedule for Funky Monkey is one of the easiest to understand so the online slots player doesn't have to second guess how much they should be winning when they get the same icons. Funky Monkey is easy to follow even the bonus rounds. If the online slots player does not like slots with irritating music, Funky Monkey offers sounds that are not annoying so there is no need for the player to turn their speakers when playing.

Playtech has other online slot games available to cater to wide market of online slots players. Slots players can choose from a wide variety of games that suit their tastes, all promising that excellent payout and an enjoyable time.