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Fort Knox Slot Machines

The Progressive jackpot of Fort Knox Mystery was the first unique mystery game slot machine. The top prizes are named mysteries since they start at arbitrary times throughout the game. Ever since Ft. Knox slots first came in on the casino floors, other "mystery progressives" slots have followed it.

Fort Knox is a multi-progressives slot machine, since the progressive jackpots have several levels connected to it. Even if you don't inevitably win the main level jackpot when you strike the progressive, still you have more odds at hitting the progressive jackpot.

The Slots Game Specs

Fort Knox Mystery Progressives slots work in both 25-payline edition and the 30-payline variant, which is considered the biggest number of slots paylines in the mystery progressive configure. The 25-payline edition has a greatest bet of 20 credits / line, or five hundred coins. The 30-line version of this machine has 20 coins per line, making it a 6 hundred coin machine.

Fort Knox mystery progressives fall under the penny slots. If you crave for the maximum payments on the progressive jackpot, you'll have dole out 5 dollars to 6 dollars to play the maximum wager. The machine has the EZ Pay character, that indicates you're required to exchange pays stubs to instant cash when your game session expires.

Fort Knox Progressive Linked Network

Fort Knox slots are connected to each another for the progressive principle, and these connected games is too link to a bigger network to increase the jackpot on a faster rate.

Some games included in the Fort Knox network are: Enchanted Unicorn slots, World Wrestling Entertainment slots, Cleopatra and Cleopatra II slots, Double Diamond slots 2005 and the Kenny Rogers 2 slots.

The Fort Knox Mystery Bonus

Fort Knox slots offer four progressive bonanza levels.These stages range from Copper to Silver to Gold and, Platinum. You will move forward from one stage to the next stage if you're a winner of interactive bonuses.

When you strike the mystery bonus game, you are guaranteed of the copper stage payout. You will have to to go forward three stages more to hit the highest progressive top prize. Every time you achieve a new level, you are promised of the advanced level payout.

Fort Knox Slots Overview

These popular slot machines are hard to overlook down the casino floors. Many casinos have a line up of six Fort Knox slots stored together, with a gigantic Fort Knox neon mark hanging over them. This sign notifies players about the maximum top prize at any given time.