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The Joys of Playing in Slot Tournaments

Aside from the usual stand alone games that you'll see in casinos, there are also sections that are separated by rope from the main area. These area are those reserved for slot tournaments. If you've never tried one, now is a good time to do so. Slot tournaments rules are usually prescribed right beside the entrance, and will vary somewhat with each casino. However, some features are almost always present.

For example, all of the participating players will be given an equal number of credits, which have to be consumed for a given period (i.e. 20 minutes). This is something all players must remember; after the allotted time expires, the credits that you have can no longer be used. Unlike in regular games, speed is of the essence here.

It's only normal for a player to be conscious of what is going on around, and the urge to check up on his or her standing in a round is something that everyone will feel. But any winning slot player will tell you that looking over your shoulder isn't going to help. Just focus on your game and let the results take care of themselves. However it can't be denied that knowing you are playing against another player provides an extra adrenaline rush.

As you play in slot tournaments, there will be two meters nearby, one displaying the credits that you are earning, and the remaining credits you have. The players with the most number of credits will advance to the next round. Depending on the format of the tourney, there may be a cash prize for topping each round, or the cash may be distributed after going through a prescribed number of levels.

The machines used in slot tournaments are setup differently from those found in other parts of the casino, in the sense that the payout percentage are much higher and the RNG are instructed to produce more jackpot combos.

The rewards for slot tournaments are as diverse as the casino themselves. Several offer as much as $30,000 for the first prize, not to mention tickets or invitations to play in even bigger tourneys.

Some slot tournaments charge a nominal fee for joining while others are totally free. Some of the biggest paying events are reserved for loyal customers and high rollers and are often by invitation only. This means that the more often you play, the greater your chance of being a part of these big money tourneys.

There are so many cash prizes that you can win in slot tournaments that there's no reason for you not to try it. Even if you have had no experience, you can play and win. Just keep pounding that button and before you know it, you're already on the way to the finals and ready to take home the big prize.