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The Real Deal with Reel Slots

Slot machines are a very common sight in casinos since the 1900s. It requires no special skills, and you do not have to think about your next move. Everything is just a matter of luck, and pulling reel slots handle. This is why slot machines are the frontlines of casinos. They are mostly near the entrance, to make it very hard to resist.

Slot machines also conquered the internet. Same with real life gambling houses, reel slots are the frontlines of online casinos. It is very easy to access, most of the time it goes with a very big banner and occupies a huge part of the webpage. The most popular among these is the Three Reel Slots. You have three reels, and you need to hit paying symbols to get the corresponding prize. Three Reel Slots are the cheapest among the slot machines. Normally, the maximum bet for a Three Reel Slots is just three coins. The bad part is that there are fewer ways to win in this game. Nevertheless, it is still fun and easy to play.

There are a lot of slot machines out in the internet. The best among the classics is the Safecracker. The jackpot is usually 20,000 coins and you can bet from a quarter up to 5 dollars. This is a typical three reel slots and can be played with maximum three coins per spin.

Another popular three reel slots is the High 5. If you get a high 5 symbol, your winnings will be multiplied by 5. It is a one pay line machine that gives you a choice to bet up to three coins for every spin, same as the other three reel slots. The top jackpot is only 15,000 coins, but remember that it will be multiplied by 5 depending how many times you get a high 5 symbol. Getting two high 5s will multiply your winnings by 25, and getting one high 5 will multiply it by 5.

Flower power is a multi line slot machine that gives a lot of winning chances because it has multiple pay lines. The maximum prize is only 1000 coins though. But if you do not like these easy to win slots, you might want to consider the Thunderstruck. It is a five-reel slot machine that has nine pay lines. It has a unique feature that enables you to get a bonus spin that may give you a multiplier of three. You can have a maximum winning of 150, 000 coins and you also have a "gamble button" to multiply it by two or even four.

Lucky Charmer has the best bonus feature ever. After hitting the King Cobra on the third pay line, it will give you a bonus round where you can select three musical pipes to be played by a charmer and whatever rises out of the box will be your prize.

The two most popular progressive reel slots are Major Millions and Rags to Riches. You need to bet three dollars to get the jackpot which is usually 250,000 dollars for Major Millions. The minimum winnings for Rags to Riches is 100,000 dollars.